"Iōng-chiá thó-lūn:A-yao" pán-pún chi-kan bô-kāng--ê tē-hng

: Thanks for the advice, but since I established this article, I used the interwiki you have added, I will get in touch of him asap to tell him not to erase its interwiki. Again, thank you. [[User:A-yao|A-yao]] 14:16, 1 June 2006 (UTC)
== Interwikis ==
One service that I provide for many wiktionary projects is to run an interwiki bot for wiktionary. For many of the bigger wiktionaries all changes are done automatically and a check is always done to check if this wiktionary has articles. The idea is that only when there is an article that is spelled exactly the same there should be a link.
One effect of the interwiki links is that people are more likely to cooperate.. there is plenty of room for cooperation. Thanks, [[User:GerardM|GerardM]] 15:07, 1 June 2006 (UTC)